What is Stremio?

Stremio is a media center software designed for video entertainment with ease of use in mind. Stremio allows you to organize & watch your own collection of movies, series, channels and live TV.

Stremio collect the content it shows you from your local disk and our add-ons system.

It will also notify you when new episodes/videos/movies you're interested in come out, and provide movie recommendations for you.

How does Stremio compare to Kodi and Plex?

We are inspired by those two pieces of software. But we have different goals - Stremio is specifically targeted towards entertainment video, and strives to become the mainstream solution for that by being very easy to use.

Stremio will never be as customizable and feature-rich as Kodi and Plex, but it is significantly easier to use. Just get it and see :)

How does Stremio compare to Netflix?

Again, Netflix is one of our inspirations. We strive to achieve the user experience of Netflix, plus a lot of added goodies. But most importantly, we're giving you the freedom to manage your own library and add new content sources with our add-on system.

That makes Stremio infinitely extendable, so when you use Stremio, you're never limited to the content Netflix decides to license. For example, through Stremio you can watch content from Filmon.tv, Twitch.tv, YouTube, Vodo and even Netflix itself!

How does Stremio compare to Flipboard?

We don’t get that question that often, except when talking to start-up people :)

Stremio is by design a content aggregator, which essentially makes it Flipboard for video. This is very apparent in our Board section, which gives you catalogues and new episode/new video notifications for what you follow, just like Flipboard.

How does Stremio compare to Popcorn Time?

Stremio and Popcorn Time are similar in user interface, because there aren’t many ways to do video entertainment catalogues right :)

But while Popcorn Time is focused on streaming torrents from specific sources, Stremio is unrestricted and is merely a content aggregator - it’s not locked into a specific content source.

Furthermore, we do not provide any torrent add-ons by default, so Stremio does not cover the Popcorn Time use-case with official functionality.

Another notable difference is that Popcorn Time is completely open source, while Stremio is partially open source.

Will you add this movie/series?

No, sorry :(

As is mentioned in most of the other questions, Stremio does not provide any content by itself - everything is added through the add-ons system. In case you have a content request, you can use the “Report” button in the Player, which will send an email to the author of the add-on you’re currently using.

Will you create add-on for X?

It's entirely possible.

If you have an idea for an add-on, drop us a line at [email protected], but please make sure your add-on idea will not infringe on any copyrights or terms of use.

At the moment, the next things on our roadmap are add-ons for FandangoNOW, Filmon.tv video on demand and Crunchyroll.

Does Stremio use BitTorrent?

Yes, Stremio supports BitTorrent as a streaming protocol. You can use that either with a torrent add-on, or by drag-and-dropping a .torrent file into Stremio, or by pasting a magnet link into the Search Bar.

Please note that the only official add-on using BitTorrent is Vodo, which provides indie content, all permitted to be distributed with BitTorrent.

We do not support use of any third-party add-ons which may enable copyright infringement.

What can I watch in Stremio with the official add-ons?

By default, you can watch Filmon.tv, YouTube and Vodo content within Stremio itself, with it’s embedded player. Additionally, we have an add-on for Twitch.tv and a few others.

This combined provides a selection of:

Additionally, there are many content sources provided with Guidebox and the Netflix add-ons, which do not play entirely inside Stremio, but would redirect to the given service. For example, the Guidebox add-on would give you a selection of movies you can stream in the US for free, from services like TubiTV and Crackle.

Stremio won't install, what should I do?

If you're on Windows, try this alternative installer.

If you're on Mac OS X, please be aware that we don't support anything older than OS X Mavericks (10.9).

If you're on Linux, be aware that we only support 64 bit (x64) Linux at the moment.

If you still can't resolve your problem, please write us at our Facebook group.

Why does my anti-virus complain? Is Stremio safe?

We assure you Stremio is 100% clean.

Your antivirus is complaining because we include advertising in our installer, which some anti-virus programs recognize as ad-ware.

If you're still unsure, you can try our alternative installer.

How can I make an add-on?

For starters, we recommend you check our add-ons system module on GitHub.

Afterwards, you can follow the Hello World tutorial.

If you don't have any programming skills, please post your idea on the Reddit community and contact us with your add-on idea on [email protected].

How are add-ons published?

When you create an add-on and host, and put a endpoint field in your manifest, which points to a working add-on address, the add-on will automatically publish itself to our Add-on catalogue.

This happens because the server part of the stremio-addons module automatically makes a call to our API to announce the add-on. When our API validates your endpoint as a valid add-on, it will start showing in the catalogue.

Can I run Stremio in my browser?

Not at the moment, but this is coming!

If you're curious to see an Alpha, you can see it here: alpha4.strem.io. Keep in mind streaming is disabled on this alpha. We support Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Edge.

Casting to TV doesn't work / subtitles don't work

Casting to TV uses the DLNA technology which is very inconsistent between different TV brands and models. For that reason, we do not have the ability to test it in every case, so it's far from perfect. Despite this, we're working on improving it constantly but we cannot give you a time estimate on when DLNA will start working properly with your TV.

If you don't even see your TV in the casting menu, please try disabling your network connection and re-enabling it (on Windows, right click the Network and use Enable/Disable), as well as restarting your router, TV and PC.

If you are still encountering issues, you can help us by sending your TV brand and model information at [email protected].

In the meantime, we recommend Chromecast, which we support very well, or simply plugging in your TV to your PC with an HDMI cable.

Stremio freezes and/or crashes, what can I do?

First of all, if you're using Windows 7 with AVG anti-virus: we have a problem with that combination. The problem is in AVG itself, and there's no reasonable way to resolve it on our end. Unfortunately, exceptions or disabling the anti-virus won't work. The only solution is to replace AVG with something else.

If that's not the issue, but you're still using Windows, please update to the latest service pack and update/re-install your GPU drivers, then try again.

If you're problem is still not resolved, or you're using a Mac or Linux, please write us reporting the exact details of the problem at our Facebook group.

How can I make an add-on?

For starters, we recommend you check our add-ons system module on GitHub.

Afterwards, you can follow the Hello World tutorial.

If you don't have any programming skills, please post your idea on the Reddit community and contact us with your add-on idea on [email protected].

Why is Stremio taking disk space?

Stremio has a local cache to temporarily keep the video files you stream.

This has two benefits: first, it allows Stremio to pre-buffer the video ahead so as to ensure smoother streaming. Second, it keeps the videos in the local cache so you can continue watching them offline.

How much Stremio keeps depends on the Cache setting in the Settings panel. Stremio may keep up to the set amount (e.g. 2GB) on your disk, unless the currently streamed video is larger than that, in which case it has to allocate enough storage to keep it until you're streaming it.

Where is the cache folder?

On Windows, it's stremio-cache in the drive you picked in Settings (e.g. "E:\stremio-cache")

On MacOS, it's "~/Library/Application Support/Stremio/stremio-cache"

On Linux, it's "~/.stremio/stremio-cache" or "~/stremio-cache"

I get "Streaming server is not found" error, what can I do?

If you get this error, it means one of few things:

1) You are trying to use an add-on backed by YouTube/BitTorrent source, through our web version. In this case, you should install our desktop version from our website.

2) Something is wrong with your Stremio installation. In this case, try re-installing our latest desktop version from the website. If this does not help, try disabling anti-virus programs and firewalls, restarting your PC and trying again. If this does not work too, please write us at our our Facebook group.

I cannot see/use most add-ons on iOS

Because of restrictions in the Apple App Store terms and conditions, we have restricted the iOS application only to a particular set of add-ons.

But rest assured - there will be more add-ons for iOS in the future, and we may also add an integration that will allow you to use all Stremio add-ons thanks to connecting the iOS app to the Stremio Streaming Server.